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The Tiara Construction Begins Soon

The Tiara Construction Begins Soon

We are delighted to inform you that we have completed the technical approval for the building plans and the environmental clearance for our newest project The Tiara. This project marks the beginning of a new era in the construction industry in New Chandigarh.

The Sham Exotic group looks forward to a very exciting future.

Revealing The Tiara

The Tiara is more than just another building. It is a symbol of contemporary architecture, luxury, and sustainability. Designed to change the face of a city, the next project will be the embodiment of contemporary architecture and smart city planning.

Approval of Technical Specifications and Environmental Clearance

The Tiara has been given the Technical Approval of Building Plans and Environmental Approval. This is a big achievement for The Tiara Project. At the Sham Exotic Group, we believe in Quality of Construction and Environmental Sustainability. With the approval of the building plans, The Tiara Project is now ready to start construction. The project will bring the dream of a New and exciting addition to Chandigarh.

The Tiara begins

As the construction of The Tiara begins, a new chapter in our city’s history begins. The Tiara will not only add to Chandigarh’s beautiful skyline, but also set a new benchmark for architectural excellence and ecological sustainability in Chandigarh.

At The Sham Exotic Group, our vision is to create a space that blends in seamlessly with its surroundings and enhances the quality of life for its residents. This vision is reflected in every aspect of The Tiara design and planning.

Tiara updates

We can’t wait to tell you more about this amazing project. Keep an eye on The Tiara’s website for more updates as construction progresses and the vision of a vibrant, new New Chandigarh is made a reality. From architectural marvels to sustainable business models, here’s everything you should know about the The Tiara.