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hmt Industrial Park in Lalru - A Legacy of Precision and Innovation

HMT Limited is one of the most respected and respected names in the industrial world of India. Founded in 1953, HMT has been a leader in the manufacturing industry, playing a vital role in the growth and development of the country.

HMT Lalru, one of the many units of HMT, is a symbol of precision engineering & technological advancement. Located in the heart of Punjab’s capital city of Chandigarh, HMT is a leading manufacturer of machine tools & components for a wide range of industries, from Automotive to Aeronautics. With a long history of more than 60 years, this facility has become a symbol of quality and trustworthiness for customers both in India and abroad.


The Journey of Excellence

It all started with innovation. From day one, the facility was focused on using state-of-the-art technologies and best-in-class processes to produce products that meet the highest quality requirements. This commitment to quality quickly earned the company a reputation for dependability and performance, which paved the way for continued growth and success.

Precision Engineering at its Finest

HMT Lalru’s core business is driven by an unwavering commitment to precision engineering. With cutting-edge machinery and a team of highly qualified professionals, the plant has the capacity to produce a broad variety of components with the highest level of precision and consistency. From complex automotive parts to critical heavy machinery components, HMT has the ability to deliver solutions that go above and beyond.

Embracing Technological Advancements

In today’s world, where technology is advancing at a rapid pace, the HMT Lalru facility has maintained a high level of innovation. HMT Lalru continues to invest in research and development to develop new methods and methods to increase productivity and efficiency. Automation, digitalization and advanced manufacturing processes are some of the ways in which HMT Lalru stays ahead of the competition, providing customers with innovative solutions that meet their changing needs.

Commitment to Sustainability

Not only does HMT Lalru strive to be the best in engineering, but it also has a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The facility follows stringent environmental regulations and takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint and waste generation. From energy-efficient manufacturing processes to waste recycling programs, the company is committed to creating a more sustainable future.

A Trusted Partner for Growth

Over the years, we have established strong relationships with customers from different sectors, helping them to grow and succeed. By understanding their individual needs and providing bespoke solutions, we have gained the trust of clients who value dependability, quality and innovation. From mass production components to custom projects, we continue to exceed customer expectations at HMT Lalru.

Looking Towards the Future

As we move into the next stage of our journey, we do so with optimism and purpose. With a heritage of excellence and a culture of innovation, we are well-equipped to face tomorrow’s challenges while taking advantage of new growth opportunities. As we continue to invest in quality, precision and sustainability, we are confident that HMT Lalru will continue to be a pillar of manufacturing excellence, contributing to India’s industrial future.

To sum it all up, let’s take a look at how HMT Lalru has grown from a humble factory to a world class manufacturing facility. From humble beginnings to today’s status as India’s leading manufacturing facility, it is a testament to the strength of Indian industry and a testament to the nation’s ability to compete globally.

HMT Lalru continues to be India’s pride as it continues to grow and evolve, reflecting India’s aspirations for a better, more prosperous future.

Major Industry Clusters in focus

Steel Industry

Tools & Precision

Warehousing and cold storage Industry

Agri-Tech Industry

Food Processing Industry

Textile Industry

Petroleum - GAS Industry

Chemical Industry

Pharmaceutical and life sciences industry

Electronics Industry


Key Points of Projects

  1. Development of Mega Industrial Projects approx 160acres.
  2. Various Sizes of Plots 500Sq.yd., 1000Sq.yd., 2000sq.yd & 4000Sq.yd.
  3. Temple/ Gurudwara onsite.
  4. 60ft. Wide Internal Roads.
  5. Power Grid (Free Connection for Office use).
  6. Solid Waste Management.
  7. Petrol Pump on Site.
  8. 2 Hospitals.
  9. Mohalla Clinic (Approved by Govt.).
  10. PostOffice.
  11. Showroom Spaces.
  12. Display Center cum Exhibition Hall.
  13. Conference Room
  14. Hotel cygneet onsite

Plots Size

500Sq.yd 1000/2000Sq.yd.


• Rs. 15,000/- sq. Yd 

• Rs. 13,500/- sq. Yd

• Showrooms  Rs. 40 Lakhs

• IFMS Rs.100/sq. Yd. Applicable
• PLC’s applicable @ 10%

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